Test 000-m48: Ibm Lotus Web Content material Management Technical Sales Mastery Test V2

IBM Qualifications increases and bridegroom professional capabilities important for development of self improvement and guarantees that just after validating IBM qualifications and private can get improved job, course of action, advertising and marketing and and so on
IBM Qualifications applications enhance realistic and technical capabilities of a individual.

Especially in the area of IT, day by day new systems are presenting so in order to contend your self you will have to receive different IBM qualifications.
IBM certification has its important significance in IT location as distinct IT experts can boost their capabilities and capabilities by validating themselves. Technique specialist, program specialist, Specialized Help Experienced and others can contend to other individuals by obtaining this certification.

This proctored technical sales abilities exam investigates IBM Lotus Internet Content Management facts relating to the capability to recognize, manage and close sales possibilities.

Test 000-M48
The exam is suitable to sales associates who illustrate sales and technical information of the IBM Lotus Internet Content material Management solution and targets the technical sales expert who can give a complete corporation remedy to clientele by way of remedy recognition, solution distinction and aggressive ranking.

IBM Qualifications increases and bridegroom specialist capabilities needed for development of self improvement and guarantees that following validating IBM qualifications and personal can get improved job, procedure, marketing and advertising and and so on
IBM Qualifications applications boost realistic and technical capabilities of a private. Specifically in the area of IT, day by day new systems are presenting so in order to contend yourself you have to obtain distinct IBM qualifications.

This technical sales expertise exam satisfies 1 of the technical specifications for the IBM Software Worth Motivation System and quantity as a abilities point toward Revolutionary and Leading PartnerWorld account levels. To make your technical sales expertise knowledge depends, you will have to upgrade your PartnerWorld data.

It is smart that the choice comprehensive the recommended knowledge prior to attempting this technical sales capabilities exam.
000-M48 Exam Objectives
Section 1 – Attributes and Structure (34%)

• Deployment Topologies
• Content distribution alternatives (i.e. Portlet, Servlet, Prerendered)
• Solutions for publishing of content material (i.e. Authoring Portlet, Inline Modifying, Customized Launch Web page)
• Syndication
• Library Partitioning
• Search Incorporation
• Realize positive aspects and use situations for WCM APIs

Section 2 – Comprehend Use of WCM Item Forms (33%)
• Workflow
• Web site and Web page Regions
• Authoring Templates
• Presentation Templates
• Taxonomy and Categories
• Elements (Menu, Gps, HTML, Image, Customization, etc.)
• Content material Things

Section 3 – Administration/Operation (33%)

• Recognize protection model
• Realize operate-flows capabilities
• Personalization of content
• Comprehend content material declares (i.e. set up, published)
• Caching options
• WCM Usage

Positive aspects of IBM Certification
• Becoming certified in IBM and personal can get adequate of development expertly as well as individually and can be in a position to provide services in handling organization alternatives effortlessly. Qualifications can help in to get better job as you will be performing in a specialization that you have the advantage of.

• Due to the fact of day by day quickly enhancements, improvements and new systems it is really difficult to keep organization infrastructures. To be particularly educated and prepared for the new enhancements you have to get familiar oneself accordingly and this can be done by validating IBM.

• In this IT planet both enterprise employers and consumers have an selection for stuffing opening. This certification enables distinguishing your capabilities and capabilities from the rest of the potential choice and can release new likelihood and development in IT area. This proctored technical sales expertise exam investigates IBM Lotus Internet Content Management information with regards to the capability to recognize, manage and close sales possibilities.

HP LTO 6 – Backup Your Data Utilizing The Most current Technologies

An organization’s details is vital to its survival, and it is hence crucial to guarantee that this details is preserved safely so it is constantly obtainable on demand. Keeping a backup of your organization’s information and facts is required so you can often recover the data in case it gets lost. A backup storage is generally kept as a copy of the stored info that is actively in use in the organization, and HP LTO six is an alternative that will give you the answer you need.

LTO Defined

Linear Tape – Open is a storage technologies that is tape primarily based and has an open format. The open format suggests that it permits for several sources of products that store data to be compatible with each other. Due to the open format, LTO has been licensed by quite a few established organizations in the storage industry. This means you can choose from a wide variety of cartridges and tape drives that are compatible.

LTO Technology Advancement

LTO technology was initially introduced in the year 2000 with the initially generation of LTO. The subsequent generations were then introduced at typical intervals, and each generation came with capacities and transfer rates that had been higher. With every new generation, new options had been also added to guarantee that information was far better protected. It was expected that every single new generation was completely compatible with the generation that came prior to it. Thus, HP LTO 6 can read and create LTO 5 cartridges, and can also read LTO four cartridges.

Traits Of LTO

A single of the qualities of LTO is its create-when, read-a lot of (WORM) capability which indicates that your information can not be overwritten, erased or altered. Data encryption is also an significant aspect of LTO it ensures the privacy and safety of your data when it is stored in the tapes and for the duration of transportation of the cartridges. HP LTO 6 allows information to be very first compressed before it is encrypted so that the capacity of the tapes is maximized. Partitioning is a feature located in the most up-to-date generations of LTO thath guarantees effective handle of files and management of space by way of the linear tape file program (LTFS).


The LTO technology is now in its 6th generation, getting been introduced in the year 2012. Its storage capacity of uncompressed data is a maximum of 2.5 terabytes (TB) and when the information is compressed, the storage capacity is a maximum of 6.25 TB. The compression ratio of compressed information is 2.5:1 for the sixth generation LTO. This is an boost from the two:1 compression ratio of the preceding generations. The rate of transfer when writing uncompressed data is 160 MB/s, even though the transfer rate when writing compressed information is 400 MB/s. LTO 6 incorporates the create-after, study-many (WORM) capability, as well as data encryption and partitioning via the linear tape file method (LTFS).


The HP LTO six tapes are specified according to the number of tracks, the length of the tape and the recording density. The tapes ordinarily have a million passes of lifetime durability. A pass refers to every single time the tape alterations its path. A backup can therefore have a thousand passes or additional, and this will rely on the quantity of data written.

Book News: James Frey Is Back

Who’s hot…AGAIN? James Frey

Quote: “There were days when I definitely did not want to get out of bed,” author James Frey stated. He was talking with Lola Ogunnaike on CNN in the AM, after a Tuesday reading from his new book, Vibrant, Shiny Morning at NY’s Blender Theater (fascinating choice of music- he had a jazz pianist with him and has booked a metal band for next stops on his tour). Ogunnaike noted the passage at the starting of the book stating, “Nothing in this book really should be considered precise or trusted,”.

Protests Abound: “Down With Frey”, a Berkeley organization, planned to protest James Frey’s scheduled reading at Slim’s in San Francisco. 2 years following fraudulent claims of crack addiction and other dramas which includes a root canal with no anasthesia, Frey’s megabestselling “memoir” A Million Little Pieces was exposed as obtaining been concocted, the author has a new book out named Vibrant Shiny Morning.

He says his group is also conducting “a charity drive.” All donated copies of Frey’s books will be brought to an Oakland recycling center, he vows the proceeds will go to 826 Valencia, a nonprofit writing program founded by yet one more memoirist, Dave Eggers, for youngsters in San Francisco’s Mission District. At the protest, Frel and his fellow protesters will distribute essays to attendees analyzing Frey’s disgrace “and why he’s a stain on society.”

More: On a October 26th show called “The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake At Evening,” Oprah known as Frey’s book “like absolutely nothing you have ever study ahead of. Everyone at Harpo is reading it. When we had been staying up late at evening reading it, we’d come in the next morning saying, ‘What web page are you on?'” Persons of Winfrey’s Harpo Productions praised the book as outstanding with some choking back tears. When the camera came back to a tearing Winfrey, she mentioned, “I am crying ’cause these are all my Harpo loved ones so, and we all loved the book so significantly.”