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Welcome to KeepMyPet, a dedicated and loving community of animal lovers. We are dedicated to taking the best care possible of our pets, and providing our animals with friends, fun, and most of all, a happy and healthy place to feel at home. When its time for you to leave on a trip, where does your pet go? Why not meet a new friend in your area using our Pet Friend Finder™ and meet some like minded folks in your area!?!
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1.Sign up for a free account at KeepMyPet.org, and fill out your profile, including zipcode, and upload some pictures of your pets, along with some of your favorite pet activities.

2. Search for new friends in your area and start having fun!

Currently, KeepMyPet.org is a free service. We plan to add value to our members though special membership levels and partnership programs.
Absolutely! With our ratings system, you can see what other members are saying about each other. Of course, use your judgement and discretion, as you would on a dating site, but we are a great community of friendly and happy folks, who want to show our pets a good time!
Nothing! Sign up today!