5 Top Tips for Helping Your Dog Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Helping Your Dog Get a Great Nights Sleep

Ensuring a dog can get a great night’s sleep is relatively easy. Simply follow these 5 top tips and the chances are it isn’t just your pooch that is enjoying sweet dreams come bedtime; adhering to these five simple tips which we’ve put together with Aylesbury Vets is also likely to improve your sleeping habits and potentially even your health.

Helping Your Dog Get a Great Nights Sleep
5 Top Tips for Helping Your Dog Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Feed Them

We have all heard the phrase: don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. Well, this is one adage that goes for our four legged friends too. In fact, just as hunger causes humans to feel irritable, stressed, unable to relax and even anxious so too does it evoke these feelings in a dog. Then, expecting a hungry dog to go to bed or, even if they do, to sleep or get a good night’s sleep and wake bright eyes and bushy tailed come morning is not only unrealistic, but unkind; when you get supper remember to get your dog some too.

Dog’s Business

Nobody likes to talk about dog’s business, but ignoring the fact that all dogs do it and so failing to take your dog out to do his or hers ahead of calling it a night is likely to result in one of three equally unpleasant results:

  • Your beloved pooch will poop in your house
  • Your furry best friend will wake you in the middle of the night barking to be let out
  • Your dog will feel distressed all night waiting to be let out

So, just as you wouldn’t like someone to deny you use of the bathroom before bed, don’t do it to your dog.

Don’t Share a Bed

Dogs are territorial animals, just like humans. Hence, whilst cuddles are a lovely thing and can be enjoyed ahead of bedtime time, to ensure you and your pooch gets the best night’s sleep possible, it is also important to sleep in separate beds.

Sending a dog to a dog bed though needn’t feel like a punishment. Nor need sending a dog to its own bed mean banishing it from the bedroom if that is where and you and your pooch are most comfortable sleeping. In fact, sending a dog to its own bed doesn’t even have to mean consigning it to a boring basket or cage-like crate

Just as we humans furnish our beds with duvets, dogs beds can also be bought that look stylish, provide comfort and can even be purchased alongside matching throw cushions and home furnishings to fit in with a room’s decor, just give Amazon a visit to see for yourself and to bag the perfect dog bed for your pooch.

Go to Bed!

Training a dog to take to his or her bed can prove a tiring task, but ultimately it is a worthwhile one. What is more, it can actually take far less time than many realise – provided it is done right.

The fact is, you shouldn’t be disappointed in your dog for failing to learn this trick, especially as in nine out of ten cases it is an owner who is getting it wrong. Despite this fact, your dog will never give up on you, so don’t lose faith in them. Instead, and if training your dog to go to its bed when you tell him or her is proving a pain and not getting results, check out the advice and video featured via the Love Your Dog website.

Go Walkies

Dogs, like most creatures, are almost guaranteed to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and cause few if any problems during the night if they are so tired they haven’t the energy to. The problem is, and as highlighted in the Daily Mail Newspaper article: Walkies? Fat Chance,  one in five owners don’t find or make the time to walk their dog even once a day, endangering their pooches health and well being physically, mentally and emotionally.

Then, walk your dog as often as you can, which can also mean more than once a day. Not only is this providing your dog with exercise, stimulation and fun needed to keep them healthy and happy, it is also likely to help them get a good night’s sleep.

What is more, it is further likely to help you, their owner, also get a better night’s sleep and improve your health too. So instead of spending that free time lounging, and especially if you want your dog to give it a rest and let you get some come bedtime, get the lead and go walkies.

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