Causes Of Cat Incontinence And Procedure To Deal With It

Causes Of Cat Incontinence And Procedure To Deal With It

Cat incontinence is a matter of great concern. It not only makes the house or cat’s area dirty, but also brings moment of embarrassment in front of others. Also, the chances of infection are increased that is certainly not good for family members and cat too. So, let’s understand the reason for urinary incontinence in cats.

Causes Of Cat Incontinence And Procedure To Deal With It

Why cat incontinence occurs?

Feline incontinence is a symptom that can occur due to various health issues. These health issues need be addressed on time else these may worsen beyond control. Though the best opinion definitely lies with the vet, still you must have fair idea about the health problems that lead to urinary continence in cats. This may help you take preventive measures and find timely solutions too. So, listed here are a few reasons why cats lose bladder control:

  • Urinary tract infection: UTI or urinary tract infection wreaks havoc in cat’s life. They try hard to urinate, but don’t succeed. And when the pressure reaches acme, they lose control over bladder and release drops in unassigned places. They also cry while trying to urinate due to burning sensation.
  • Bladder injury: Untreated UTI can cause scars in the bladder. Since the bladder develops some pores, it causes loss of space for storing urine, and this leads to uncomfortable situation of incontinence.
  • Increased blood sugar levels: Increase in blood sugar levels or diabetes develops need for frequent urinating in cats. The pressure increases too much due to more formation of urine, making it difficult for cat to reach the litter box, leading to urinary incontinence.
  • Kidney stones: One of the symptoms of kidney stones is urinary continence too. Stones can scar the bladder that ultimately causes leakage and makes it difficult for the cat to have control over urination.
  • Ripe age of cat: Older cats lose bladder control as muscles become weak with time.

Tips to control incontinence in cats

Once you have caught your cat urinating here and there, you must not delay your visit to the vet. They can diagnose the cause using correct procedures. A few medical tests like urinalysis and x-ray can be expected to follow to ascertain the cause without doubt. Listed here are a few tips that you can follow to complement vet’s treatment with proper home care to achieve faster results:

  1. Increase the frequency of litter box visit: Since you know now why your cat needs urinating more than often, change her schedule by training her to go to litter box often. If the cat has become weak, you must make a point to take her for urinating frequently.
  2. Cleaning the litter box at regular intervals: Your cat needs extra cleanliness so that infections don’t worsen. So, you must clean litter box more frequently now.
  3. Use more than one litter box if needed: You can place a few more litter boxes closer to cat’s resting area so that she can use them instead of spoiling the surroundings.
  4. Use diapers: In worst cases, use of diapers is recommended too.

So, take good care of your beloved pet and help her come out of the trouble; the signs of which are evident in the form of urinary incontinence.

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