Common Dog Injuries and What to Do about Them

Common Dog Injuries

If you have a dog, especially a young one, you know how quickly they can get themselves into trouble. Dogs are by their very nature incredibly curious as well as playful. Smaller dogs are typically more active than larger dogs, but they’re all very active when they are young. This can lead to a lot of injuries.

Common Dog Injuries
Common Dog Injuries and What to Do about Them

For the most part, these are minor problems that can very easily be remedied. For example, young dogs are very often the victims of bee and wasp stings because they commonly provoke the wasps or bees. Unless your dog happens to be allergic, it’s not a very big deal, your dog will be in some pain and we should keep him or her from scratching at the stings too much which could open up an actual wound. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if something is worth calling a vet or not.

Eating Chocolate

Many dog owners’ worst nightmare is that their dog that eats chocolate. Their bodies are not able to break down many of the ingredients in chocolate which makes it dangerous for them to eat. The best way to be extra safe is to call the experienced Ku Ring Gai vet staff from Gordon Vet. They can give you much better advice on whether or not your dog needs to come in.

In general, however, a small amount of chocolate isn’t very dangerous. If a big dog eats one or two pieces of chocolate, it won’t be very damaging, though you should still keep an eye on the dog. Chocolate will cause diarrhea, hyperactivity, and dehydration, so you should definitely let your dog out if he or she has eaten chocolate, then make very sure that you are supplying a lot of water.

If your dog has eaten a lot of chocolate or if the professionals say to bring the dog in, you should bring them in very quickly. A licensed Killara vet from Gordon Vet can help your dog through the pain of ingesting chocolate.

Paw Problems

Since your dog essentially walks around barefoot everywhere, paw problems that arise. The most common paw problems are thorns or stickers that stick into the paw when you’re walking in the woods. These are an inconvenience, especially since your puppy doesn’t have opposable thumbs, but they’re not very dangerous. You should pull them out and bandage them up so they don’t get infected, then be sure to clean out the wound and sterilise it.

However, bigger problem arise when your dog encounters man-made objects like screws or nails. These can seriously injure your dog. If your dog steps on something manmade, you need to take it to a vet. Taking it to a vet means that a professional will be able to remove the offending item, sterilise the wound, and minimise the pain.

Paws can also be damaged by the heat of the sidewalk. You might not think about it, but the sidewalk or the road can get very hot on the year’s hotter days. If the day is particularly warm, you should put your palm on the ground. If the sidewalk hurts your palm, it will hurt your dog’s paw.

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