Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time but, as with human babies, you need to prepare your home for the new arrival. These five tips can help you prepare your house for the new member of your family.

Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

Block Off Spaces

If some of your furniture is placed along walls, you will want to check the space between the wall and the sofa or chair for gaps. It is important to block off spaces under and behind furniture, especially heavy furniture, that kittens and puppies can get into when you’re not watching them. You may be looking for hours for the little one or he or she could get stuck and accidently suffocate while you’re away.

Tie Loose Electrical Cords

Try not to have long electrical cords accessible to young animals. They do not know the dangers of playing with the cords and can accidently bite into them or chew on them until the wires are bare. To prevent this, try to tie off excess cord lengths and elevate them off the ground or use cord covers so your pet cannot get to them. The covers are inexpensive and can save your pet’s life.

Latch Cabinet Doors

Install safety latches on the doors of any cabinets at your pet’s level as he or she can find ways to get the doors open to get into food, household supplies, and other items harmful to his or her health. If your kitten or puppy gets into a cabinet and is exposed to harmful substances such as cleaners, mouse bait, or human foods, you should take him or her to a professional North Turramurra vet from Gordon Vet for an examination. A vet can dilute or neutralise any poisonous items that he or she may have consumed.

Close Doors

If there are rooms that you don’t want the dog or cat to visit, then you need to keep the doors closed. As their teeth grow in, animals, especially puppies, will chew on things and they could ruin shoes or books or the kitten could use your mattress for a scratching post. Training them to stay out of certain rooms is important but the doors should be closed when you’re away so they are not tempted to explore. Contact an expert West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet if they eat something they shouldn’t.

Create a Space

Place a pet bed or crate and his or her toys in a space that you make for your pet to go to when he or she wants to relax. Even pets want a break from their human companions and giving them a place they can sleep peacefully or play will help them unwind. If you get a kitten or older cat, do not put his or her litter box in the special place, especially if he or she is also fed there. You wouldn’t want to sleep or eat in the bathroom, would you?

Before bringing home a pet, establish household rules for who will care for them. Establish a routine once so that he or she gets used to a schedule of when he or she will eat and, for a puppy, go out to take care of his or her business.

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