How to ensure the successful rearing of piglets

How to ensure the successful rearing of piglets

For anyone looking to raise little piglets, you might be unsure of how to best go about this specific practice. While it’s relatively easy once you get the hang of it, the challenges at first might seem rather overwhelming. If you would like to get over such an issue, then we recommend that you consider the following tips and tricks.

How to ensure the successful rearing of piglets

Each one should make it easier for you to care for your piglets, helping them to grow up and live happy, healthy and exiting lives. How, then, can you better secure successful rearing of piglets?

Pay Attention to Nutrition

The first thing that you should look to do is always invest good money in nutritious meals for your piglets. Many farmers choose to scrimp and scrape on the cost of food, but this will cause you more problems – and cost you more money – in the future.

In general, feeding the pigs from foods which are naturally sourced and legitimately handled is very important. It’s easy to buy the wrong stuff, but a bit of simple research into high quality piglet food brands can make a telling difference.

Invest in Biosecurity

For one, you should look to invest in high quality biosecurity. From water treatment to help make sure the piglets are drinking from safe sources to using oxidization treatments, you can do a lot to disinfect the whole farm. This will be good for reducing the spread of disease while ensuring that the quality of refreshment that the pigs can enjoy will stay at a high, professional level.

Build a Pen Worth the Money

The quality of their pen is so important.

For example, many people make the mistake of simply investing in the cheapest form of pen. If you do that, then you can cause a lot of problems with regards to safety during the winter. If you build a well-protected and perpetually sheltered pen, then the piglets are much more likely to stay safe when the poor weather arrives.

Try and make thick beds of hay for them, too. Sleeping quality matters in animals as much as it does in humans, and investing in high quality sleeping conditions for the pigs is sure to result in much happier, healthier animals as time goes on.

Also, get a bedding powder to help make sure that your pigs can live in a comfortable, safe and durable environment. Enivrex is a popular solution, and this offers a great solution for absorbance and hygiene improvement within the pen.

With all of this in place, you should be far more likely to get the help that you need to make a prominent difference to your piglets. Smart care and paying attention to the quality of the farm, the integrity of the water and the sleeping conditions they endure will matter a great deal.

Yes, caring for piglets is hard work. With the above setup considerations, though, you can avoid the rookie mistakes which can turn the fun of rearing pigs into a nightmare.

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