How to Inject Obedience to Your Dog

Obedience to Your Dog

Dogs are probably the most common animals that we just see around. Almost every household these days have one. This is because they are quite effective as guards. They can easily sense things and once they think that something is a threat to their masters, they will bark. Yes, barking is their way to communicate to humans so that they will be warned of incoming danger. With this trait of the dogs, most homeowners and business owners alike feel that they need to have a dog. However, when it comes to residential dogs, the story is quite different.

Obedience to Your Dog
How to Inject Obedience to Your Dog

That is right, residential dogs are not only for guards but for fun as well of having a pet. It is almost like they are part of the family already. Thus if you don’t have a dog yet and you want to own one, you should first learn how to inject obedience to a dog. Note that dogs are only fun when they don’t generate a lot of mess and when they can’t incur damages to out appliances. You can also have your dos enrolled in residential dog training schools. Yes, there are a number of businesses that provide this kind of service. Just be sure that you end up with an agency that is already in this business for quite some time.

Ways in injecting obedience to your dog:

  • Be consistent. When you are trying to teach your dog to do something like a potty train maybe, then you should stick to your rules. Don’t let it do otherwise as the dog will be confused. If you want it to only do its thing in a certain area, then be sure that you will reprimand it if it will not do so. It will get used to that rule in time. However, you should only train your dog for 5 to 10 minutes a day.
  • Reward your dog the moment it follows what you ask it to do. It should right after it does the thing right as if you will delay your reward or praise, it might not realize why you are giving it a reward or praising it in the first place. The dog should exactly have an idea why the treat is given so that it will also try to follow right away the next time.
  • Be patient. Not because he learned the trick yesterday, he can repeat it right away today. Well, if that is the case, you are quite lucky but if not, then be patient and run the same session you have with it before. This way, what you taught will be refreshed in its mind and in time, it will never forget anymore.

Yes, it will really be a breath of fresh air if your dog can easily follow what you want it to do. However, as you will have a hard time teaching your child, the more that it will be harder for the dog since you don’t have the same language.

Author Bio: Tom Mckoy is a dog behaviorist and a trainer at the same time. When it comes to dogs, there is nothing he doesn’t know. For him, dogs will only be useful when already trained.

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