Proper Pit Bull Diet: Maintaining your Dog’s Optimum Health

Proper Pit Bull Diet: Maintaining your Dog’s Optimum Health

Feeding your pit bull properly won’t just keep them looking healthy but also help them in avoiding common health issues such as joint problems. A pit bull is an active dog which requires a lot of exercises. When it is overweight, exercises will put additional strain on their body and internal system that can lead to serious issues.  Likewise, an underweight dog can become ill because not being able to have a proper and balanced diet. Maintaining your pit bull’s healthy weight requires putting some thought into the food you are feeding it, the amount of food you are feeding and understanding of the nutritional needs and energy requirements of the dog. Consider this a trial and error process which can take some experimenting in order to get it right.

Proper Pit Bull Diet: Maintaining your Dog’s Optimum Health
Proper Pit Bull Diet: Maintaining your Dog’s Optimum Health

Keeping your Pit Bull’s Ideal Weight

Your dog’s proper weight is unique to it. Thus, although your dog is 65 pounds in peak condition, its proper walking around weight is some pounds heavier. Through trial and error you will learn such information.  Before you begin getting the shape of your dog, take it to the veterinarian and have a full check up to make sure it is in great health to start. Also, keep the dog on the same diet; however, increase its exercise. Great pet websites talk about this thing frequently.

A number of dog owners make the mistake of decreasing food and increasing exercise. Know that this isn’t healthy. When you get your dog out and begin conditioning it, keep its food intake the same while gradually increase the exercise. For instance, when it gets a couple cups of food and one walk per day, it must have two cups of food even if the dog has a couple of walks per day.

Free Feeding or Not

Some pit bull owners do not recommend free feeding since the dog can pick the food all day, it can consume food after exercise (it must not eat until a minimum of half an hour following an exercise or walk). Also, the dog will not eat if it does not free feed. But if you prefer to free feed, go ahead and set a feeding time. The dog must be fed a bit a time two to four times every day. When you fee a couple cups of food, make sure you break up the food into half cups or smaller. You need to stick the schedule you set.

You have the option to break the cups up into as many smaller cups and feed the dog at specified times. With this, you can make use of the time to help in training your pit bull. Maintaining the weight of your dog is a significant thin. Setting a feeding time lets you handle the situation better and ensure your pit bull gets the right amount of food at the perfect time.

Just imagine your pit pull like your kids. For instance, you have two little kids. Rather than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, your children snack the whole day between meals. The possibility is that they will not eat the food you prepare for them since they will be full.

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