What to Look for When Buying Second-Hand

What to Look for When Buying Second-Hand

Horse floats are pricey, and many who need them find that a new float is well out of reach due to the high price. On the other hand, second-hand floats are at once affordable and in great condition. Through this option, you have the opportunity to save money and still safely transport your horses across all of Australia.

What to Look for When Buying Second-Hand

A used horse float is a large purchase, and this is why you need to know exactly what you want and need to make the best possible choice. A poorly-maintained float or one in need of a great deal of repair may end up costing you more money in the long run. For this reason, you need to know what to look for as you consider this investment.

Understanding Your Needs

Your top priority should always be safety for you, your horses, and those with whom you share the road as you travel. Whatever vehicle you typically use to tow your horse float, take the time to discover the appropriate amount of weight it can safely and legally handle. This may be as simple as consulting your vehicle’s manual or researching manufacturer guidelines. Once you know this, you will save time and frustration while searching for the ideal second-hand horse floats for sale. These details significantly narrow your focus and help you to find a float in which your horses may travel both securely and with optimum comfort.

It may be in your best interest to create a checklist of important features and needs you want in your future float. Ask others you know with knowledge on horses and allow them to discuss the makes and models they trust. Once you have this knowledge on hand, research the models that interest you the most.

Observe the Conditions for Your Horse

Used horse floats are designed for safety and comfort when you need to transport these large animals. At first glance, you can tell a lot about the quality of the interior space. Take the time to ask about the condition of the float and any repairs or accidents it may have been in. Your horse deserves a float that will allow him or her optimum relaxation during the drive, especially a horse that is traveling for the first time.


Used horse floats are far more affordable than new floats, putting them in reach of anyone with a smaller budget. Often, horse floats are used for years for dozens of horses until they eventually fall apart and become unusable. Only when they cannot use their old floats will a horse owner choose to look for a new option. It is for this reason that many have a low budget for such an investment and choose to buy second-hand over new.

The lower prices mean you can focus on other more important aspects of travel as you transport your horses. For example, horses need an ample supply of food and water when you travel to ensure they do not grow restless or go hungry along the way. The thousands you save on a second-hand float can be used toward these needs, warm blankets during the winter, and more. Your horses deserve the chance to enjoy their travel as much as you enjoy saving money on your investment.

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